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Bojan was born in 1982 in Leskovac (Serbia), where he graduated from the High School of Music at the Department of Solo Singing and the Department of Music Theory. After high school, he graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Nis - Department of Solo Singing.

He enhanced his technique and experience at the Sofia Opera (Bulgaria), while also participating in other concerts. At the folk music festival in Knjaževac, organized by RTS, he won the 1st Audience Award in 2014.

He was hired by Radio Belgrade as a soloist and studio musician, and during his time there he left in the radio archives numerous recordings of old and original songs. 

Bojan’s rich repertoire includes opera arias, Neapolitan songs, hits of domestic and foreign pop and rock music, as well as Serbian original folk music. He was a longtime member of the Megamix band with whom he released several notable songs. At the end of 2019, he started working independently under his own name: Bojan Veličković - El Maestro. He founded his own band called: El Maestro.