As the competition is on-line, participants (SOLO or DUET-GROUP) are required to perform within their relevant age group, and video-record their performance. The song must be no longer than 5 minutes, except for songs included in the nominated categories of Classical and Original in which the songs could be longer. 

Each contestant (Solo or Duet) can participate in maximum THREE out of the SEVEN categories and are allowed only ONE song per category. 

Each GROUP can participate in only ONE out of the SIX categories and are allowed ONE song.


  1. The song will have to be recorded in a video format with accompaniment music as the jury will want to hear and see the participants’ performance.  

  2. Accompanying music instruments are ALLOWED.  

  3. Play-back singing is not allowed and if noticed, the respective participant will be DISQUALIFIED. 

  4. Studio recordings, or stage performances are NOT allowed. Also play-back singing is not allowed in all categories except nominated category Video Productions and if it is noticed, the participant will be DISQUALIFIED.

  5. Applicable to all participants: any song with offensive or violent expressions will not be allowed and will be immediately DISQUALIFIED from the competition. 


We wish to give all participants equal opportunities, therefore we opt for the simplest recording without any sort of editing. 



1. Video has to be recorded in HORIZONTAL camera mode as follows:  

2. Any Video device is accepted. 

3. Start the recording of performance with an introduction sentence, where each participant should state her/his full name, country, nominated category and age group.