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Nickos was born in Athens. He studied Composition, Orchestration, Harmony and Counterpoint in Athens. He then continued his studies in Composition at the Manchester University graduating with a research Master’s degree (MMus) in Composition. In 2014 he started his studies for PhD in Composition at the University of Bangor (U.K.).

His music has been performed in 34 countries. He has received numerous of 1st prize awards and distinctions at International and National composers’ competitions. His music has been broadcasted by Greek national TV and International TV stations (Spain), and also at radio stations in Greece, Spain (National Radio RNE), Mexico, USA, Portugal, Czech Republic and Colombia. He also has composed music for theatre and documentaries in Greece and UK. Nickos published works are located at many libraries such as National Library of Germany, Schumann Library (Germany), Columbia University (USA), Royal Academy of Music (UK) and Lilian Voudouri (Greece).

He is the General Secretary of the Contemporary Music Research Centre (KSYME) (founded by Iannis Xenakis - Greece) and the Director - member of KSYMEnsemble. He is also member of Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association (HELMCA) (Greece). He's been teaching at En Organis Conservatory in Athens, Greece since 2008 and he's been also teaching Analysis and Composition at the KSYME classes at the Athens Conservatory (2019 up to date).

His works are released on CDs by: Naxos (UK), WDR Cologne (Germany), Taukay Edizioni Musicali (TEM) (Italy), Fly Note (USA), Musica Ferrum (U.K.), Sheva Collection (Italy), Subways Music (Greece), Questions de Temperaments (France), Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers' Association (HELMCA) (Greece), Motivo (Greece).
And published by: Schott (Germany), Musica Ferrum (U.K.), Rowman and Littlefield (U.S.A.), Da Capo Music Ltd (U.K.), Les Procuctions d' Oz(Canada), Gold Branch Music Inc. (U.S.A.), Arcomis (U.K.) and Contemporary Music Research Centre (Greece).

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