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Francesco is a composer, producer and a musical arranger. He got a second level Academic Diploma (110 cum lauda) in Music technologies and new languages - "Music and Studio Production" discussing a thesis on a new way of presenting an opera (of his composition): a multimedia work with animations in 3D technology and with the help of virtual orchestration. 

Francesco is a graduate in Piano and Singing. He’s completing a Master in theory and music analysis. Throughout his career as a composer of “Classical” music, Francesco got one honourable mention in a Call for Score by the Veridian Symphonic Orchestra (U.S.A.) with “I Misteri d’Eleusi "composition for Symphonic Orchestra. 

Also, he premiered in 2016 the Symphony “Terra!” (Koszalin, Poland) and in 2019 the suite for string orchestra “Sinfonia d’aprile“ (Bursa, Turkey). 

His compositions have been performed in numerous countries (U.S.A., Poland, Turkey, China, etc.). As pop music composer and arranger, Francesco has won several prizes in Poland (Grand Prix at the “Carpathia” Festival - TVP television national team) in Lithuania (Twice Grand Prix at the “Kaunas Talent” - LRT National television Lithuanian) etc.

His name also appears as producer / arranger and / or sound engineer in credits of over 30 albums.