Aleksandra Stevanović, born in 1980, graduated in 1999 from the Music School “Kosta Manojlović” in Belgrade, in the class of professor Dragiša Matić. During her high school education she worked with the distinguished professor Tahir Kulenović at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. She won several international awards among which there is one that stands out: the competition Pietra Ligure in Italy where she won the first prize. After finishing high school, she continued her education at the University of Music in Belgrade, in the flute department in the class of professors Ljubiša Jovanović and Miomir Simonović. She performed a number of concerts in the most prominent Belgrade concert halls. As a student she was the associate of the National Theater in Belgrade.

Her work experience begins in 2003 at the “Vladiskav Ribnikar” school in Belgrade. In 2004 she started working in elementary school “France Prešern” and the “15th Belgrade Grammar school”, where she taught Music culture. Her dedicated work with children aged 10-18 resulted in organizing the school orchestra with which she gave a number of performances in school manifestations and other occasions. One of the most eminent concerts she has assembled and taken part in is the one for the Princess Jelisaveta Karađorđević at the White Palace.

Since 2005 she has been working at the “Nevena Popovic” Music School in Grocka, Belgrade, as a flute teacher where she received the license to work. In 2016 she was appointed as Assistant Principal of the School, which she has administered so far. Participates in the organization of concerts and public activities of the school and the municipality of Grocka. She is also the chorister of the school flute orchestra, which takes part in many significant fairs and festivals, and is usually rated among the top three participants at the acknowledged competitions.

In 2018 she expanded her work area in the International Music school Eva in Belgrade, which follows the ABMRS British programme. There she has been teaching flute to preschool and primary school children, forming and organizing music workshops and festivals, where her students have been proven quite well trained and successful at the very early age. Each year more and more children apply for the flute classes instructed by Mrs. Stevanović. In this year her progress in achieving accomplishments in complex areas considering communication among children and adults has begun. She has attended various seminars about students-teachers behavior, pedagogical approaches in helping students interact, learn and play instruments. Her students achieved a number of awards including the following:

  • 2014 The International Competition (two first prizes), School Music Festival (first prize);

  • 2015 The Republic competition (two second prizes and one third prize), The International flute championship (two second prizes)

  • 2016 The Republic competition (a second prize), Music School of Serbia (first prize), The International flutist competition (first prize).

  • 2017/2018 The International Flutist Competition (two first prizes), School Music Festival (first prize).

Beside competitions, her students also performed a number of concerts (over one hundred) both in school and in other location s and festivities.

She constantly improves her skills professionally in her own domain of flute as well as in the other domains of music.

Professional training:

  • 2009 - The role and method of work on tonal and technical exercises, scales and ethides in flutist pedagogy, Correlation and interaction of teaching of instruments and chamber music, Application of Aleksandro's technique in teaching the instrument;

  • 2012 - “ See- hear-sing- play”Methods, Motivation and psychological principles of learning

  • 2014 - Assessment, Self-Assessment and Formative Assessment, Contemporary aspects in the interpretation and presentation of musical content, “Montessori method” in music schools;

  • 2015 - Promotion of emotional knowledge in school, the power of emotional intelligence, the Authority – that difficult strange word, Inclusive Education: Opportunities and Challenges;

  • 2017 - Articulation as an important parameter of musical performance, National Play at School;

  • 2021 - became a certified arbitrator – a mediator who helps negotiate and settle conflict between two parties.