Marios Marcou had the fortunate opportunity to be born in a musical family. From a very young age he was entwined in musical stimulation and a classical music background. After experimenting with various instruments he settled on clarinet, the instrument that really gained his attention. He has been a member of the Limassol Municipality Philharmonic since a very young age. In 2004 he gained a scholarship to study and participate in Cyprus Youth Orchestra, being an active member for four years. He has participated in competitions, festivals and master classes across Europe with various ensembles including a Clarinet quartet, Clarinet Octet, Duets, Rock Bands and Jazz ensembles. During his National Guard obligations he was selected to join SMEF (National Guard musicians) where he was an active member.

At the age of 20 Mario joined Huddersfield University to study Music based on Clarinet performance. When he successfully graduated from Huddersfield, he joined Leeds College of Music and successfully obtained a Masters in Clarinet Performance. He is now based in Cyprus. He teaches Clarinet Performance at Music Schools all over Cyprus and performs concerts in various genres in Cyprus and Abroad.

He is Currently active as a substitute clarinettist in the Cyprus Symphony orchestra.

He Manages and conducts the swing band. The fabulous Dillingers band that can be seen in concerts

throughout the island.