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Yunice Tham Mei Shen is an Artistic Director in DE MUSIC BOX since 2005. She is a Professional Piano, Vocal, and Music Of Theory Educator with over 20 years of teaching experience. Yunice holds the Degree Of BACHELOR OF ARTS From UNIVERSITY OF NORTHUMBRIA at Newcastle. Yunice certify Piano and Theory Examination in The Associated Board of the Royal Schools Of Music London, she also Certify Vocal Examination in Music Performance In Trinity College London, and Certify Theory Of Music Examination Distinction in London College Of Music Examinations in Thames Valley University. Yunice has music study in The University Of Melbourne in year 2009, and also a short music study in Osaka College Of Music Japan (2013). In 2017, Yunice was awarded the Honorary Teacher in the 5th Hong Kong International Youth Performing Arts Festival. She also Certify Of Honorary Teacher In Southeast Asia ( Sea ), 2020.

In year 2019, Yunice was invited by Malaysia Junior Got Talent as a Professional Jury Member. And, in year 2020 she received an invitation for The Professional International Jury in Music And Stars Awards. Yunice also awarded The Certificate Of Recognition for the contribution to the excellence in music pedagogy and for enlightening and encouraging young artist’s paths. Over the past 20 years she has trained many students for the Associated Board Of The Royal Schools Of Music Exams (London), Trinity College London Exam, and Con Brio Examinations (Australia). Her students have consistently received outstanding results and have received numerous awards in various Piano and Vocal’s Competition.

Yunice believes that music is the language of the spirit which is able to expresses feeling and thought, and once music is admitted to the soul, it becomes a sort of spirit.

As a professional educator, she strives to be kind, patient, creative, imaginative, fun loving and is committed to having each student excel in their best possible way, whether for an exam, recital or for personal knowledge and enjoyment.

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