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Bosnia and Herzegovina

He was born on April 28, 1974 in Prijedor, where he finished primary music and secondary school. The SAE Institute in Zurich for video production graduated in 2006.

Since 2002 he has been arranging and producing music where he was the author, composer at many festivals in the region, of which we can mention the International Festival of Pop Music Banja Luka in 2006, where he won the award for composition for the song „As before“ in performing a pop rock band „ Nemirno more“.

He also won the award for second place for the best song at the festival in Banja Luka. The first applause in 2009 performed by Nevena Glušac entitled " Jedina moja „. He also won the Third Prize for arrangement at the Bihać Pop Music Festival 2007.

He is the author of music for the first post-war film for children called "The Secret of the School Cellar". He has worked on the production of music and video content on dozens of other TV series in BiH and in the region, as well as numerous documentaries and feature films: Zoran Radonjić's film "Deep in the Forest" 2006, then TV Series; "Do fajronta", "Dobro jutro komšija" 2015- 2020 etc.

He has had his own video message since 2009 and has directed and produced over 50 music videos and commercials! He currently lives and works on the route Munich - Prijedor.

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