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Bosnia & Herzegovina

Through her professional experience in Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Bosnia and Herzegovina where she has been residing since 2016, she has conducted over 500 music performances, concerts, festivals and music seminars (across Russia, Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Malta, Slovenia, etc.) as well as organized a series of commercial and humanitarian concerts and several auditions aimed at recruiting musicians from the region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia) to work as music teachers in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Mima also worked as a vocal coach and a piano teacher in the renowned music school in Dubai “Brooklyn Melodies” which at that time had over 3000 students.

Being an initiator and founder of many music groups, such as the a-capella group “Bel Canto” and the London Rock School Program in BiH which has inspired her to launch a BiH music brand “Pop Rock School Sarajevo” where she acts as both a director and a vocal coach.

She started practicing music at an early age, first in Kyiv (Ukraine), then attending the private music school managed by Professor Milenko Karovic who recognized her talent and invited her to join the Zenica Youth Choir where she spent nine years (1998 – 2007).

In addition to being a vocalist and a choir singer performing in numerous concerts and manifestations (programme type: oratorio, opera, musical, theme concert, a concert by famous BiH signer Safet Isovic at Zetra hall, Srebrenica Inferno and many others), Mima has represented her country in Italy quite a number of times (Rome, Piacenza, Bologna, Milan and Rimini) as well as in Sweden (Lulea), and also took part in music performances marking the opening of the BiH post-war restored monuments, such as “Grand Opening of the Mostar Old Bridge”, “Srebrenica Memorial Centre”, “Momo and Uzeir Business Centre”, and so on.

During her stay in the United States back in 2006 (Connecticut, Danbury), she took on a course in music marketing, pop rock vocal techniques as well as the Disney Music vocal techniques.

She was awarded a Special Prize by the Moscow Art Committee in Russia and the First Award in the Show Business category together with the a-capella group “Bel Canto” she founded and has conducted since 2011 at the Slavic Culture Days in Moscow as the only BiH representatives.

Her dedicated work with students has resulted in her students winning First, Special and Grand Prix Prizes at regional and global music festivals.

As a composer, she has recorded a single under the name “Seven Boulevards of Love” she wrote lyrics, music and vocal interpretation for. Her next single will be released in spring 2022.

Being a great enthusiast who enjoys initiating new projects and working with young talented people providing them with devoted direction, connection and education aimed at development of the Sarajevo and BiH pop rock scene, Professor Mima has been known as a workaholic and an optimist.

In her pedagogical aspect of work, Mima gives maximum effort by introducing innovative elements in understanding, creating and improving the pedagogical approach to students and encouraging them to explore and develop their music capacities and expression with special focus on their original creation.

Beside singing, Mima plays the piano and the guitar and is currently learning how to play the saxophone.

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