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Alexandra Acatincai is a second generation musician and was born in Bucharest on the 22 nd of January in 1983. The romanian violinist and teacher began studying the violin a few months before her 5th birthday with her mother, Laurentia Onose , a prominent violin teacher and methodist.

Alexandrabegan her school education at the George Enescu National  Music College in the first grade, in the violin class of CarmenRunceanu and later in the highscool years in the class of Mihaela Tomescu. She was also working with the famous violin methodist and master Modest Iftinchi.  Then, at Bucharest National Music Academy she attended the class of Prof. Dr. Ioana Croitoru and graduaded in the year 2006. Now she is the head of the Violin Section at the George Enescu National  Music College in Bucharest, she was granted the Merit Gradation for teaching activities and results and  also became a methodist violin teacher.

In her teens Alexandra Acatincai won many prizes including in the National Olympics, The George Georgescu International Violin Contest, The Sigismund Toduta National Music Contest, The Paul Constantinescu Intenational Music Contest, The Remember Enescu International Violin competition, etc.   She had many TV and radio live appearences. She also participated as a member of Trio Chamber Music – Stars in numerous events all over Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

She participated in a number of masterclasses with Scherban Lupu, Erzhan Kulibaev, Alexandru Malaimare,Emilian Piedicuta, Mihaela Martin, Remus Azoitei,  Ioana Croitoru and also organised some of them.

She attended many classes against school bullying, about kindness in education, about the development of the special pupils, etc.

As a teacher, she has remarcable results with her pupils, having gathered over 150 diplomas only with Category prizes, I st Excellence Prize, I st Special Prize, I st Prize , etc in national and international contests. She was also invited as a president of the jury or jury member in national and international contests.

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