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A separate category on its own:

Video Production (My music video)


Up to 7 years old

8-9 years old

10-12 years old

13-16 years old

17-19 years old

20-25 years old

26+ years old


Notes for the Classical category:

For the Nominated Classical Category there are special requirements. The song can last as much as in the original composition, and will have to be selected from the following list: 

1. Early English or Italian song from the 16th or 17th century

2. A song from the 19th or 20th century sung in German, French, or another European language.

3. An Aria from an opera, to be sung in the original language, with or without recitative. 

4. An Aria from an oratorio, in the original language, with or without recitative. 

5. A 20th or 21st century English or American art-song or a folksong. 

Notes for the Native Language category:

For only the Nominated Categories of Native language, acapella singing is allowed. The songs can be in any language. Please, add the lyrics of the song in the original language and, if possible, into the English language as well.

Notes for the Video Production category:

Participants (Solo, Duet or Group) that have:

a) studio recording or

b) music video (cover) can perform only 1 song in the nominated category.

4 Nominated Categories:

1) Pop & Rock / Blues & Jazz

2) Musical - Movie

3) Native Language

4) Classical

Classical category
Original categories
Video production
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