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As the competition is online, participants are required to perform within their relevant age group and video-record their performance.

Please note that professional musicians are excluded from this competition.


  • Young musicians category up to 8 years old - 8 minutes

  • Young musicians category 9-10 up to 8 minutes

  • Junior category 11-12 up to 10 minutes

  • Junior category 13-14 years old up to 12 minutes

  • Intermediate category 15-16 up to 15 minutes

  • Intermediate category 17-18 up to 15 minutes

  • Adults category 18+ up to 20 minutes


All the candidates have a choice of a free program performed from memory.


Each contestant can participate with one solo performance per instrument.



  1. Professional musicians are excluded from this competition.

  2. Accompanying musical instruments are ALLOWED and must also be a LIVE performance. Play-back performance and play-back music are not allowed and if noticed, the respective participant will be DISQUALIFIED.

  3. The video recording should be in a good quality format and the performance should be LIVE during the recording (editing is not allowed in the video). Studio recordings, and recorded performances (i.e. TV shows) are not allowed.

  4. The performance will have to be recorded in a video format as the jury will want to hear and see the participants’ performance.

  5. The video recording should be within the last 6 months (older video recordings will be disqualified).

  6. The editing during the performance is NOT ALLOWED and if noticed the video will be disqualified.

  7. Applicable to all participants: any performance with offensive or violent expressions will not be allowed and will be immediately DISQUALIFIED from the competition.

  8. Please note that the Judges’ comments will not be visible.

We wish to give all participants equal opportunities, therefore we opt for the simplest recording without any sort of editing. 



1. Video has to be recorded in HORIZONTAL camera mode as follows:



2. How to create a YouTube video link:

  • Sign in the

  • Go to ‘Your Videos’

  • Click on ‘CREATE’ and click on ‘Upload Videos’.

  • Select the video file that you would like to upload

  • Insert Title and Description

  • Click ‘Yes its made for Kids’

  • At Visibility, we suggest that you select UNLISTED (only anyone with the video link can watch your video). If you wish you may also select PUBLIC (but in this case please note that everyone can watch your video). 

  • Copy the YouTube video link.

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