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Chihiro Morikawa has studied the violin under Saburo Sumi, Yuji Togi, Akiko Tatsumi and Toshiya Eto. She has also studied privately with Leonid Kogan and Josef Gingold. She graduated from Toho Gakuen School of Music’s High School division and Toho Gakuen School of Music College . She is a laureate of the Student Concours of Japan, receiving second prize in the elementary school division, first prize in the junior high school division. She was awarded third prize in the 49th Music Competition of Japan, which is the most prestigious competition in Japan. 

Chihiro Morikawa has performed in Kusatsu International Summer Music Academy and has been teaching at Ibaragi International Music Academy and Yubari Music Seminar. She has served as a jury member for many renowned music competitions throughout Japan, including the Student Concours of Japan, Kanagawa Classical Music Competition, and Japan Player’s Competition. She received the “Best Teacher Award “ in the Japan Classical Music Competition and the Junior Classical Music Competition. for ten consecutive years and more than three years at Baten Music Competition.

 She has been a faculty member of Toho Gakuen School of Music’s children division for the last 30 years. Ms. Morikawa is a well-known pedagogue especially for young students, aged three to ten years old. Many of her pupils have been awarded top prizes in both national and international competitions. She is a well-rounded musician herself, leading her pupils into future careers in not only as violinists but as conductors and other instrumentalists such as a contrabass player.

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