Dusko Zarkovic was born in 1961 in Niksic ,Montenegro, from childhood ,as a seven- year - old he enjoyed listening to world famous pop & rock hits which he would accompany by tapping drumsticks on his fathers books. Since that time,he has manifested great musical and rhythmic talent. Instead of his favourite instrument - the drums, at the request of his father he started playing the Clarinet at the age of nine.

He started playing in the City Wind Orchestra where he gained his first concert and experience. He plays successfully, both saxophone and Clarinet.

In Podgorica,Montenegro he graduated from the department of solo Clarinet .

In the same year he enrolled at the University of Music in Belgrade studying solo Clarinet.

He received the invitation of the virtuoso professor Ludwick Kurkiewitz in 1987 at the Shopin Academy in Warsaw, Poland.

During his time in Warsaw he was appointed as a first assistant to the conductor for wind instruments of the International Jeunesses Musicales Orchestra.

He attended many international competitions and gained many awards .

At the invitation of the Cyprus Ministry of culture he has been the first solo Clarinetist of the Cyprus State Orchestra and Professor at the National music school as well as the University of Music Arte at the Music department at Intercollege.

Today, as a clarinet instructor he has a successful cooperation with a number of prominent artists.