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Music Producer - Composer - Mixing Engineer

Chris Cara is a composer, producer, mixer and self-taught musician with over two decades of experience in writing and producing music. Chris is the owner and head engineer at Soundscape Studios, the largest recording studio in Cyprus. Chris is a star in his own right [plays in critically acclaimed band, Waterblack] and considered one of the most widely known producers on the Island of Cyprus — and certainly the most inventive and consistently successful, who has built a career on combining a spontaneous approach to versatility while not conforming to any particular style of rhyme or concept. Chris has enjoyed a jet setting lifestyle that saw him gain valuable experience in recording / music composition and production in the musical hubs of two continents; Australia and Europe. Chris hold degrees from LIPA UK, and SAE Institute UK & Australia, majoring in Popular Music, Music Production & Audio Engineering. In 2015, he participated in ‘Mix with the Masters’, an international mixing seminar led by the multi-platinum Grammy-Award-winning mixing engineer Chris Lord-Alge (CLA). 

Chris's personal motto:  

"Music is a service given to us by some uncontrollable force… I feel compelled to create music, regardless of whether I have an active project. It is the means by which I externalise my emotional state. I admire many great contemporary composers, however I try not to be overly influenced by them so that I preserve my personal identity. My approach to composing music for visuals, specifically, is very simple: always ensure that the music feels coherent with the visual. As composers, we have a tendency to try to engage all the sensations in the world in our music; however, sometimes less is more. Before I begin composing any music, I take my time to understand the vision and message in the picture and aim to guide the viewer or listener on a magical journey which evokes their emotions, whether they are emotions of sadness, happiness, fear or longing."

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