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Marios Andreou is a dramatic tenor and a well-known Cypriot lyric singer. He has performed at more than 250 concerts in 16 different countries, such as South Africa, England, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Malta, Bulgaria, Poland, Korea, Norway, Serbia, Lebanon, Greece, Skopje and Russia.

He performed many leading roles in operas, oratorio, rock operas, musicals and Greek Tragedies.

In 2007 he received his Master's Degree from the National Academy of Music in Sofia, with a degree of Excellent in classical singing, and specialization in classical pedagogy and singing technique with professor of world-famous soprano Blakovesta Karnobatlova Dobreva.

Marios has taken part in international competitions, such as Georgy Zlatev Cherkin, Christo Brambarov, Georgy Atanasov, Montserrat Caballé, Cnipal, where he won praise, awards and Grand Prix. Most recently, in 2020, he has won the Grand Prix in the Russian competition Russian Romance.

He took part in many master classes and has collaborated with famous singers and conductors, such as: G.Dimitrova, M.Caballé, R.Kabairanska, M.Pincas, A.IosifovD.Κaraminkov, Α.Boyd,A.Miltseva, I. Natsev, L.di Martino , V.Ganchev, J.Galea, K.Kostova, G.Leccese, J.Malgieri, S.Brener, L.Kenned, Villiers, J. Slabbert, P de Beer, J. Page, J. Hanse, A. Combrink, M. Balteri, , P. Hutton, E. Natseva, J. Levy, K. Mina, K. Giannoudis, M. Elias, M. Arapi,T.Christophorou,T Vorka,M.anastasiades, J. Modinos and many others.

Marios is also involved in vocal teaching in opera, in musical productions as well as directing, translation, choreography, orchestration for large and small classical groups in the categories of Opera, Musical and Drama. Currently he lives and works in Cyprus as a Singing Teacher at Cyprus Music Schools, the University of Nicosia and the European University.

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