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Born in Barcelona in 1994, David Gutiérrez Molina holds his roots in both Extremadura and Andalusia. Gutiérrez Molina began his flamenco journey at only four years old at the ‘Casa de Andalusia’ in Catalonia.

A child prodigy in the art of flamenco, he trained in Andalusia with some of the best maestros of Flamenco. He then went on to perform with various companies, where he became a soloist and was awarded best Flamenco solo dancer at the Gibraltar Stage Dance Festival in 2011.

Gutiérrez Molina formed Barcelona Flamenco Ballet in 2017. The company’s first show, ‘Flamenco Reborn’ premiered on 9th June 2017 at the Sala Barts in Barcelona. It was so popular that the event sold out and became very popular on social media. Due to its success, it was publicized on important billboards nationwide, including theatres in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Menorca and Guadalajara.

Gutiérrez Molina himself obtained an international certification of Dance Studies, a widely sought-after dance qualification. The combination of his qualifications and professional experience together makes him one of the best skilled and talented Flamenco artists in Spain. This has led him to create spellbinding performances and choreography for Barcelona Flamenco Ballet.

Gutiérrez Molina’s admission to the International Dance Council was approved in 2018, where he was granted great recognition from all the members of the United Nations (more than 200 countries). This distinguished the young performer as one of the leading dance professionals in the world.

Barcelona Flamenco Ballet performed the show ‘Flamenco Reborn’ in several prestigious venues and festivals, such as the National Center of Performing Arts Beijing (NCPA) and Shanghai International Dance Center (SIDC) in China, EFFE label Varna Summer International Festival and VIA Fest in Bulgaria, EFA member Al Bustan International Festival of Music and the Performing Arts (Lebanon), as well as Cēsis Vidzeme Concert Hall (Latvia).

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