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The International Jury is invited by the organizers of the Competition.

The Jury includes world-renowned dance teachers, professional dancers, and choreographers.

Evaluation Criteria:

* Total of 100 points for each performance.

  • Costume: 5 Points (Good/ Excellent choice for the performance suitable and appropriate)

  • Stage Presence: 25 Points (Quality + Harmony)

  • Technique: 40 Points (Technical level of dance)

  • Choreography: 20 Points (choreographic variety suitable for the dancers, originality + innovative ideas)

  • Timing and musicality: 10 Points (Artistic -interpretation + musicality of dances)


Judging rules:

Evaluation of the performance will be carried out with 100 points for each jury member.

Judges CANNOT VOTE for the participants of their own country.

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