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  • 1986. – 1993. University of Belgrade, Faculty of Social Politics Bachelor degree in social politics

  • 2011 Regional institute of Sport, Vojvodina Degree for operational dance coach

  • 2012 Faculty of Sport and Tourism, TIMS, Novi Sad Degree for operational modern dance coach

  • 2012 World Artistic Dance Federation- WADF Dance Judge Certificate

  • 2017 World Artistic Dance Association- WADA Dance Judge Certificate


  • 1980. – 1992. Solo dancer at Smiljana Mandukic’s contemporary ballet

  • 1991. – present: Founder, choreographer and pedagogue at Ballet Studio ‘ADAGIO’

  • 1992.- present: Organiser and choreographer of Ballet Studio ‘ADAGIO’ concerts in many stages and theaters in Serbian capital city Belgrade such as: Bitef theater, Kombank dvorana, Opera and Theater Madlenianum, Puppet Theater Pinokio, Sava centar etc.

  • 1998. – present: Winner of multiple gold medals at modern ballet, jazz balet and musical competitions all over the world- Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna, Moscow, Prague, Castiglioncello,Rimini, Barcelona, Thessaloniki, Zagreb, Mostar, Sarajevo, Skopje etc.

Participant at ballet and dance festivals across the Europe.

  • 2002. – 2010. Organiser of ballet festival ’Nek leti masta’ held on big stage of Kombank Dvorana, Belgrade, Serbia.

  • 2002. Choreographer of performance ’The Wall’, Bitef Theater, Belgrade, Serbia

  • 2004. Choreographer of performance ’Life is..’, Bitef Theater, Belgrade, Serbia

  • 2013. – 2017. Organiser and choreographer of Ballet Studio ’Adagio’ concerts at big stage of Sava centar, Belgrade, Serbia

  • 2013. – 2019.Member of CID Unesco

  • 2017. Serbian representative at World Dance Olympiad in Moscow, Russia. Winner of three gold medals in Mini Musical category.

  • 2019. – present: Choreographer of kids performace ’Peter and the wolf’ at Puppet Theater Pinokio, Belgrade, Serbia

  • 2019. – present: Founder and organiser of ’ International Kids Ballet Festival’ which takes place twice a year- in June and November at big stage of Opera and Theater Madlenianum, Belgrade, Serbia.

  • 2020. – present: Organiser and choreographer of Ballet Studio ’Adagio’ concerts at House of King Peter the First in Belgrade, Serbia.

  • 2021. Choreographer of kids musical ’Musical alphabet’ at big stage of cultural center Studentski grad, Belgrade, Serbia

  • 2021. – present: Organiser of dance festival at King’s square in Zlatibor in cooperation with Tourist Organisation of Zlatibor.

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