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Italiy - Rome - Dance Choreographic Center - Ivana Gattei School - Renato Greco School

Argentina - Buenos Aires - Teatro Colon

Chile - Santiago de Chile

USA - New York " Steps "," Broadway Dance Center " - Los Angeles " Jho Tremain ", " Madonna Greims ", " Debby Reynold ", " Edge "

From the 1977, he work sas a solo dancer and later as a principal dancer with various artist such as:

Renato Zero, Raffaella Carrà, Loretta Goggi, Donatella Rettore, Jonny Dorelli, Bice Valori, Paolo Panelli, Stefania R

otolo, Sandro Massimini, Asha Puthli, Cher, Franco Zeffirelli etc…

Work with choreographers:

Gino Landi, Enzo Paolo Turchi, Tony Ventura, Umberto Pergola, Don Lurio, Franco Estil etc…

Participates in various world tours:

Argentina, Spain, Greece, Germany, Chile, Yugoslavia, Turkey, France, Mexico

Work in Theatre with:

Garinei e Giovanni in various Musical – Sitina Theatre (Rome), Rossetti Theatre and Verdi Theatre (Trieste)

Work in national italian and Spain television:

Rai 1, Rai 2 (Italy), TVE1 (Spain)

Artistic Director of the school, “Mondial Dance” of Rome Italy, and of the company, “AMDance Company” and of the theatre, “Teatrototò” di Roma.

With him are born as showgirls:

Lorella Cuccarini, Emanuela Panatta, Barbara Livi, Denise Faro, Emy Bergamo, Valentina Sulli, Azzurra Tassa, Alessia Bonetto and more…

He began teaching in 1981, and began to make the first choreographies, realizes van shows including original musical written and directed by it.

Organizer and creator of the WBA "World Ballet Associazion" with which he realizes the World Dance Championship , twinned with the Manatthan Dance Project of New York and the CB Dance Summer of Tucson Arizona US

A. During 2017 organize new Festival "Dance Trilogy" competition on Theme. 2018 start with "Disney Dance Champi


Currently it required in various parts of the world as a teacher, choreographer, Judge for Dance Competition and Festival, with they do he the exchanges cultural activities and he give to the best students, scholarships: Russia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Montenegro, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Mexico, Macedonia, Hungary, Ukraine and Italy, coming Germany, Poland, Egypt, Spain, England and USA.

Individual choreographies:

Ou’ - Do Not Call Me - Going Home – Gelosy – Beach – Burloni - Good Intent – Habanera – Zaphyr – Misanthropy – Harlem – NO, i prefer live – I’m Young for married papi - Drunk – I love my self – Possession – Je suis malade – Sunset - Me my self and I – Querer – Ideas Confused – My life - Friends - Mom - La donna cannone - Je suis malade - Devil inside - I'm a person - I play alone - Survivors....

Video producer direction and Coreograpy for the group :

TheRivati - “Funky Napoletano”

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